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Retrospect Client 10.5.0 (110) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10586.14


 I am submitting this to maybe assist others who encounter the same issues because AFAIK our Client system is “vanilla”. Windows 10 was clean installed on the Client, not as an upgrade.

  1. On the Client the Windows Event Viewer/Application log showed VSS 8194 “Errors” during Retrospect backup (ie not merely “Warnings” nor “Information”)

             This VSS issue was resolved by applying Rich_B_72’s solution .

  1. However then CAPI2 513 “Errors” became visible in the Client’s Windows Event Viewer/Application log during Retrospect backup.

     This CAPI2 issue was resolved by applying Fearless96’s version of the solution suggested by szz43.



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