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Console Backups panel Total bug for multi-drive backup

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22 November: As scheduled every Saturday, yesterday reran "Sat. Backup" (Recycle MediaSet) to a different MediaSet. As soon as "Sat. Backup" had completed, the bug described here (no subdivision for the first-backed-up drive, which is "Macintosh HD" on the client "David's MacBook Pro") appeared in the Console Backups panel bar graph. Today—Sunday—that bug was not fixed in the Saturday bar graph after "Sun.-Fri. Backup" (No Media Action) had completed. (In its place a further bug in the Saturday bar graph subdivision for the first-backed-up drive in "Sat. Backup" appeared after "Sun.-Fri. Backup" (No Media Action) had completed.) Retrospect 12.5.


The Total GBs for Saturday, even rounding-down the individual drive backed-up amounts, is now about 7GB too low; it appears that the backed-up amount for the second-backed-up drive—"Macintosh HD OS X" on the client "Mimi's Old G4"—is no longer included in the Total GBs for "Sat. Backup"—even though it is a subdivision on the bar graph.


This is not a bar graph bug, but a bug in the Total GBs for a particular day in the Console Backups panel. Although I reported it in the last paragraph of the linked-to post in the Console Backups panel bar graph bug topic, I wanted this bug to have its own topic for greater visibility. (I also wanted to test out the url editing tag, to see if it works the same way as it does on the Ars Technica forums; it does—maybe the Retrospect forums should display the same panoply of editing aids including smilies. :) )

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We don't make a lot of use of the dashboard, but I can confirm that it does not always display correctly, in ways that are actually more extreme than what you have described. (See the attached screenshots for Retrospect 12.5.0 (111) running on OS 10.10.5.) The first screenshot was taken after the console had been up and running for several days; the second, a minute or two later, after the console was quit and relaunched:






(The huge  and incorrect total capacity figures listed for certain tape media sets is due to the lock-unlock ratcheting bug described here.)

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