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Restore script run later confuses App Store.app

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I had never had iPhoto in the Applications folder on my Mac Pro but had Purchased it for my MacBook Pro in December 2014. I simply had to click the button in App Store Purchases to download it onto the Mac Pro. :)

However App Store downloaded iPhoto 9.6.1 not into the normal Applications folder, but into ~/Documents/PhotosRestored/Media Set Red/Applications. This is a folder I restored from the MBP with Retrospect 12.0 on 31 July, so that I could print a photo from DropBox on an inherited USB color printer cabled to the Mac Pro. When I found iPhoto.app 9.6.1 there, I also found the iMovie.app I had Updated from the App Store earlier last month that had mysteriously never appeared in the normal Applications folder. So there's either a bug in Retrospect that subsequently confuses App Store.app, or a bug in App Store.app that is confused by a prior Retrospect Restore script.

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Thinking about this again, I now suspect that this is a "feature" of App Store.app that downloads a app Purchase originally made for another machine under the same Apple ID into the folder where it finds that app on this machine. I had originally Purchased both iMovie.app and iPhoto.app for my MBP, and ~/Documents/PhotosRestored/Media Set Red/Applications was a copy restored onto my Mac Pro of the Applications folder on my MBP. The dates for both iMovie.app and iPhoto.app in ~/Documents/PhotosRestored/Media Set Red/Applications are the dates I downloaded them onto the Mac Pro.


So you're off the hook, Retrospect Inc.; this is not a Retrospect bug. The rest of you Retrospect users: if you restore a copy of an Applications folder from one machine onto another, it might be a good idea to delete that restored Applications folder after you've copied what you need from it.


P.S.: Monday I deleted the ~/Documents/PhotosRestored/Media Set Red/Applications folder from my Mac Pro. Sure enough, App Store.app on the Mac Pro stopped showing the un-updatable Update for GarageBand 6.0.5. :) (You don't want to hear about my GarageBand Update problem; that's purely an App Store affair that doesn't involve Retrospect.)

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