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Backup on smaller HDD without asking for new medium

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Hi,I own Retrospect 10 (Windows) and have a special question, for which I could not find an answer in the manual:


I'd like to create a sequenced backup:


1.) From a huge logical drive A:\ (one volume, consisting of several HDD) to a small but fast SSD B:\.

2.) From there, I'd like to archive (move the data) to a tape.


Now my question is: How can I perform the first step, such that the SSD B:\ is filled to the brim, but without the program asking for a new medium?


Afterwards, the archiving to tape should start. After this is done, the SSD should again be filled to the brim with other files from the big logical drive that have not been archived yet.


I do not want to manually select files that fit the SSD and have not been archived, as changed files on A:\ should also be archived to the tape by using the intermittent SSD.Maybe I can use each SSD filling as a segment in the first backup set?


Best regards,Andreas

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And the tape drive can't be moved to the same computer as the the large disk? Or vice versa?


The only other way I can think of is defining "Favorite folders" and backup one folder at a time to the SSD and then to tape. The SSD must be at least as large as the largest Favorite folder you define.

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Lennart, thank you very much for the answer. Manually defining favorites is too much hassle for me, so I think I would connect the tape drive directly to the logical disk.


In my opinion, the implementation of a spool disk (SSD) would be a great feature in future Retrospect releases.

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