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Exchange Server backup issues

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I'm trying to get Retrospect to backup our Exchange mailboxes but I don't seem to be having any luck. I've installed .NET 4.0 and MAPI/CDO 1.2.1 on the mailbox server as well as setting up the Retrospect mailbox account so the backup runs as that user.


Please see the log below:


Log for Script: Servers - Daily - EX-MBX-SRV

Date: 10/22/2015


+             Recycle backup using Servers - Daily - EX-MBX-SRV at 10/22/2015 8:00 PM (Execution unit 1)

                                T-2: TWDBExchangeServer2010::LoadBridge: .Net version lower than 4.0!

*             Container Exchange Server on EX-MBX-SRV was empty (had no volumes)

                                T-2: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed.

                To Backup Set EX-MBX-SRV...

                10/22/2015 8:00:02 PM: Recycle backup: The Backup Set was reset


-              10/22/2015 8:00:02 PM: Copying New Volume (D:) on EX-MBX-SRV

                                T-24: TWDBExchangeServer2010::LoadBridge: .Net version lower than 4.0!

                10/22/2015 9:19:14 PM: Snapshot stored, 9,269 KB

                10/22/2015 9:19:17 PM: Comparing New Volume (D:) on EX-MBX-SRV

                10/22/2015 10:30:10 PM: Execution completed successfully

                                Completed: 41948 files, 43.9 GB, with 93% compression

                                Performance: 604.4 MB/minute (577.2 copy, 634.3 compare)

                                Duration: 02:30:07 (00:01:23 idle/loading/preparing)


                10/22/2015 10:30:13 PM: Script "Servers - Daily - EX-MBX-SRV" completed successfully


Any help would be appreciated.



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