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Blu-Ray Drives - to backup to DVD+R or DVD+RW media? No?

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Use Blu-Ray Drives - to backup to DVD+R or DVD+RW media?


My LG Blu-Ray Drive  (Shows as "HL-DT-ST-BD-RE WH14NS40" in Configure > Devices)

The LG Drive will write to Blu-Ray BD-RE/BD-R etc.  The drive also writes DVD's (DVD+RW or DVD+R etc).

Apparently, because this is a Blu-Ray drive, Retrospect won't let you use this for DVD optical backup.


Has anyone managed to use any Blu-Ray drive to burn DVD backups? 

Retrospect does not support Blu-Ray media for backup.  Not sure why.  Probably

because Retrospect uses proprietary formats for writing to optical media and they have not 

been willing to spend the effort (money) to create a format for Blu-Ray.


With a limited number of Sata connections in a computer, it would be very nice

to be able to use this drive. 


== Why optical media? ===============

Optical media, for me at least, has been very reliable.  I use DVD+R media or DVD+RW

media (never erased or reused!)   I have optical media now over 20 years old that has not given

me any errors.  None of my Retrospect backups (made as far back as at least 2006) has

given even one error on restores.

      At least I can keep optical media offsite, under my control, and pay no storage fee.  I have perhaps

      5 file storage boxes with optical media (thousands of disks).  


      Stick with Verbatim DVD+R media made in Taiwan.   


   Note: Panasonic Blu-Ray Media (BD-R) has passed tests (and is certified) indicating better

            than 20 years of reliable storage.    But I am not trying to backup to Blu-Ray.  I 

            want to use a Blu-Ray Drive in DVD+R mode.   


- laternser

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Perhaps one could use Windows to copy a Retrospect disk dataset+catalog file, or a Retrospect file dataset, to a Blu-ray disc for archiving purposes?

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