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Restrospect Multiserveur 7.7 - Problem of writing

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First of all, excuse me for my bad english.


Since the update of the drivers and firmwares of my server, the back-up on band are in failure.


Serveur HP Proliant ML350 G6 with HP LTO-4 Ultrium tape drive.

Retrospect Multiserveur 7.7


Exemple of error message (french) :


-    22/09/2015 14:37:34: copie de etude-locale sur Data (D:)
        22/09/2015 14:39:08: Trouvés : 69 233 fichiers, 7 175 dossiers, 179,1 GB
        22/09/2015 14:39:09: Correspondance terminée
        22/09/2015 14:39:12: Copie en cours : 69 233 fichiers (179,1 GB) et 0 liens durs
        Problème d'écriture : "1-Mardi-2" (4101767168), erreur -102 (problème de communication)
-    22/09/2015 14:41:41: Vérification de etude-locale sur Data (D:)
        Problème de lecture : "1-Mardi-2" (0), erreur -102 (problème de communication)
        Problème de lecture : "1-Mardi-2" (0), erreur -102 (problème de communication)
        Le fichier digest MD5 généré pour le fichier "D:\Administratif\03 Secrétariat\Fiches activité\Fiches activité 2008\Fiche CL 2008.xls" ne correspond pas au fichier digest MD5 stocké.
        Problème d'écriture sur le support :
        erreur -102 (problème de communication)


The errors occur rather quickly but are random : different files, athe end of 5 minutes, 10 minutes... but systematically in error


I try to :

 - Use clean tape => no effect

 - Use different tape=> no effect

 - Update retrospect from 7.7 to 10.5=> no effect

 - Try an other tape drive on my serveur with is tapes=> no effect

 - Try may tape drive on an other server with a Retrospect 7.7 => it works

 - Change the SCSI cards and cables=> no effect


I do not have ideas anymore !!!


Would you have a solution ?


Thank you in advance

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My problem seems to be solved. It seems to be a HP software problem. Here is the solution given by HP support :


This is regarding to the case, elevated to us,


Problem Description : After updating SPP 2015.04 the backup not working as expected.


Open Action :


1.             Uninstall HP Insight Management WBEM provider. (Under Control Panel).

2.             Disable Services --- Control Panel -> Open Management Agents for Services ---

                [X] Disable Fiber Agent Tape Support

                [X] Disable Smart Array Tape Support

                [X] Disable SAS Agent Tape Support


If it can be useful for others...

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