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Files appear incomplete

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Running Retrospect 10.5 on a Mac, backing up a Snow Leopard Server.


Suddenly, some of our backup sets have been producing errors indicating


File "xxxx": appears incomplete.


Not all of our backups have experienced these issues.  Also, running an immediate backup of the probelm backup scripts produce no errors.  These scripts were running fine until this week.  Nothing changed on the server or the backup before then.


Any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?

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Sorry for the delay in responding.  I haven't tried to restore the files, but there are definitive differences in modification dates and file sizes with some of those files. 


What's strange is that this only affects backups where I use the COPY function, but doesn't affect all of the backups that use the COPY function.  Backips using BACKUP are all fine, and some of my COPY backups are OK too.


I should point out that I am using a 10.8.5 Mac to backup a 10.6.8 server, and most of the problem backups (like the one that backs up our Calendar Server) involve programs and files that may be open at the time of the backup.  But these worked before flawlessly...not sure what has changed to cause the problem now.

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IndependentEdit is right, I find you only get this error when you are doing something on the server, e.g. using a web browser, or have files open at the time, while it is backing up. Ignore these error messages, the files will be backed up, but all it's saying is that it has changed since the time it has backed it up, which is correct. Or, in your case, the file is currently in use, and it has partially backed it up.


Ideally, try to pick a backup time when no one is using the data you're backing up, that way everything will be copied over fully.

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