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Unable to install Retrospect Client for Windows on Windows 10 64bit

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Has anyone else having issues installing latest version of the Retrospect Client for Windows on a Windows 10 pro 64bit computer?.


Client install just hangs at 0% progress during install. Running the msi has registry failure pop ups and then stops at the same point. Installing client on 3x different Windows 10 computers also fail.


Run as local administrator does not resolve.



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I too are having this exact problem but using on win pro 64bit th2


My advice would be to contact support to see if an updated installer is available but I suspect that if one were available it would be listed on the Retrospect Archives page.


Alternatively you could try the 11.0 client available on the Software Downloads and Updates page. Retrospect 9.5 should be able to access a later version client but will not be able to access/use and new feature of that client.

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