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Unable to Create Client - Error 560

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I am attempting to configure a new client and I am getting Error 560 which states I have an invalid private/public key.

Can anyone tell me how to get around this.

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There are two methods to join a new client to Retrospect.


Manual, whereby you provide a password when you install the client, and use the same password when you join the client to Retrospect.


Automatic, where you create a certificate in Retrospect, and embed that into your installer or manually copy it into the Public Key folder under the Retro Client Install directory. This is a cool feature. Automatically added clients appear in the "Automatically Added" clients Source Group. If you have a script set to backup this group then simply installing a client is sufficient to have it backed up.


Sounds like your client is not enjoying the key provided.


See User Guide Chapter on Networked Clients for detailed instructions on setting creating the Certificate and deploying it

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I have always installed clients manually. When I go to add the client the client computer shows in the list but the small icon beside its name is greyed out.

I have never had an issue doing this in the past.

The client is a 64 bit machine Windows 7. Retrospect 9.

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I just realised we are in the Professional forum and Professional doesn't support automated  Login with certificates. So it is strange that it is complaining.

Check the Public Key folder under the Retro Installation folder and move anything out of there. Maybe there is a file there which it is trying to interpret as a certificate.


The most common issue with clients is firewalls.

The installer should offer to put the entries into the windows firewall for you.

If you have any other firewalls (especially part of your AV) try turning them off.

Manually enter a firewall rule for retroclient.exe allowing all protocols for any source or destination.


Testing from the Retro Server

Click the Client with the greyed out Icon

Click Test Button & enter name or IP
If Client is Up and Has Retro Client Installed - It reports the Retro version number
Error 541 - IP Address is UP but No Retro Client is responding - This is most likely then a firewall issue
Error 530 - No Response from IP address - this is most likely a network issue - check you can ping in both directions

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