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Hi, i want to know if there is a way to restore all files with changes including different versions of the same files from a range of date till now.

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Under the Restore Menu Try the "Find Files" option. Once you have chosen your BackupSet and a destination to recover to, you can setup a search to find the files you need. The search uses the Selector mechanism which is very powerful (once you get the hang of it) It includes ability to search by date & range, types of files, parameters like created, modified, backed up etc.

With a bit of experimentation you should be able to do what you require.


Take Note of the Blue Tick in the Find Menu. you can use this to test your search criteria to ensure they are finding the correct files.

Once you are happy with your selection proceed, and you will be presented with a summary, including the number of matching files, which you can browse before actually committing to the restore.


Check the manual Chapter 5 > Immediate Operations > Restore > Restore by Search

Chapter 11 > Tools > Selectors will help with setting up the Search criteria

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