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Default settings for creating new datasets+ schedule new dataset creation

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I using Retrospect for my home LAN.  My Retrospect volume is G:.  Nothing else goes on this volume, which is a separate 4 TB physical drive.  (I do one such volume every year, so my archive is a collection of unmounted drives.)


I create a new backup set every month or every quarter, depending on what is being backed up.  All backup sets are on G: and they all use my "policy" which is to groom down to the last 3 backups.  I would like to set some of these parameters in a config file, and reduce the number of mouse clicks to create a new backup set.


Going further, I would like to schedule the creation of new backup sets e.g. monthly or quarterly, with configurable naming.  e.g. for me September, 2015 would be datasetname 2015-09.



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