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Problem after Windows 10 upgrade

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Hi!  I've been running a backup to an external USB drive without problems for some time.  I just upgraded the PC running Retrospect to Windows 10 (from Windows 7), but now I can't back up that PC's C drive and I'm getting this error:


    Can't access volume OS (C:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)


My script also backups up clients and those are working (except for another recently upgraded Windows 10 PC, but I'll look at that later).  So the Retrospect backup PC can back up other clients, but not itself.  Any thoughts on how to fix this?  Thanks!



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Retrospect doesn't see the Windows 7 C: drive as the same drive as the Windows 10 C: drive (even if they have the same name etc).


Go to Configure->Volumes and "Forget" both C: drives.


Then go to Configure->Scripts and add the new C: drive.

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From the six updates to Windows 10 I have done so far I have observed that at some point during the upgrade the Windows 10 installer reduces the Windows 7 (and 8.1) volume by ~450MB to allow space for a new 450MB partition. From what I can find this new partition appears to contain diagnostic and recovery tools. This resize of the volume alone is enough for Retrospect to see it as a different volume.

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