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Eric Seaberg

DiskWarrior repair on backup drive has confused Retrospect

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I've got a 5-drive array with 13TB of storage (2, 2, 3, 3, 3), all setup as JBOD so Retrospect can see each drive individually. I've not had a problem as long as this config has been running... a little over a year... until today!!  I recently ran the latest version of DiskWarrior to confirm directories of the drives were OK.  Now when Retrospect starts, it sees my network devices as sources, yet stops and says it's "WAITING FOR MEDIA", even though everything shows up in the Media space from the array.


Has anyone else done this with good results?  I've got email in to Retrospect tech support as well as Alsoft (DiskWarrior) to see if anything rings a bell with them.


I also tried to rebuild a Retrospect directory of one of the media sets and got the same message.  Sounds like DiskWarrior has REALLY screwed things up for me.



Thanks for ANY input...




Running Retrospect 12

Mac MINI 2.6GHz Intel i7


Mac OS 10.10.4

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Diskwarrior does not check directories, it recreates/rebuilds them. This may cause Retrospect to see the disks (volumes) as new disks (volumes). I wrote "may cause" as I have no firm evidence, but it seems likely from your description.


Are these disks normal "Mac OS Extended" disks? Then try Apple's Disk Utility the next time you want to check them.


To resolve this situation, I suggest you recreate the catalog file(s).

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I think I may be OK now... didn't have to rebuild everything for some reason, but now I'm getting at least one MD5 error after verification.  Any idea on that?

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