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Moving Retrospect internal files

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I have a SSD drive and Retrospect is running out of it and also using it for its internal files.


I have searched but not found a way to re-direct or change so it uses the Magnetic Hard Disk for them,


For example the Instant Scan uses the SSD and does lots of writes to it. I want to minimize writes to the SSD.


On the same issue, what happens if I disable Instant Scan, besides a performance hit when doing back-up is it safe to disable it? I thought it would run once, but I am finding out that it does its scan at least once a day.




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Instant Scan needs to keep its database as current as possible so will need to frequently update its database. Other than the performance hit Retrospect runs quite happily with Instant Scan disabled.


The Instant Scan database by default is on the Windows system volume. You could try moving the files to another drive and use NTFS Symbolic Links to the new location. (I have never tried this with Retrospect so no idea if it will work. Some applications will not work with symlinks.)


The catalog files can be moved to another drive. In the Backup Sets dialog select the Backup Set whose catalog you want to move and click Forget.... With Windows Explorer, or you file manger of choice, move the catalog file to its new location. Back in Retrospect click More... in the Backup Sets dialog then Open... in the following dialog. Navigate to the new location of the catalog file, select the file then click Open.


If you are using an SSD from a reputable manufacturer and an OS that supports TRIM commands then the write life of the SSD shouldn't be a problem

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