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Multi NIC Server -519

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I am adding a Client Server to be backed up, it has multiple NICs.

I enter in the Source IP of the Client Server, Retrospect finds it BUT, the Source IP Address shows  I click add and Retrospect still adds it.

I attempt to browser the volumes on Client Server and I receive an error -519. 

I attempt to Locate the already added Source, and it gives an error -519.

Backing up script, error -519.




In Retrospect Server> Preferences> Network, I have added the Interface

Is there an option in Retrospect Client to specify the NIC/Interface it uses to backup through? 


Backup Server 2xNICS (4x1GbE)

Retrospect Server

Xserve 2008 2.8 QC 6GB Memory Mavericks 10.9.5


I have a dedicated switch for backing up one server to the other.


Client 3xNICS (6X1GbE)

Retrospect Client 12.0.0


Xserve 2008 2.8 QC 6GB Memory Snow Leopard 10.6.8

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