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!Trouble reading files, error -516 (illegal request)

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I have this error message on two disks (one SATA and one iSCSI on NAS)


I have upgraded from to V11.5.2 to V12 and this is happening all the time


I have tried to repair and recycle the media set and it does not change




This is the mail received


+Normal backup using Enzo - MacUser at 4/10/2015 9:12 PM (Execution unit 1)

Adding to 117.8 GB of backup set data, starting at file index 203

To Backup Set Jeu de médias - Enzo MacUser AD...

- 4/10/2015 9:12:25 PM: Copying MacUser on Enzo

Using Instant Scan

4/10/2015 9:12:39 PM: Found: 157473 files, 43545 folders, 512.4 GB

4/10/2015 9:12:40 PM: Finished matching

4/10/2015 9:12:43 PM: Copying: 129877 files (393.5 GB) and 892 hard links


!Trouble reading files, error -516 (illegal request)

4/10/2015 9:12:46 PM: Execution incomplete


Remaining: 129877 files, 393.5 GB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:00:20 (00:00:16 idle/loading/preparing)



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