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small files slow backup speed

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I'm backing up about 2,000,000 small files total size 200 gb at 400MB/min Win server 10 client 10. is there a way to speed thing up?

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A faster drive in the client computer would speed things up. An SSD, for instance.


Faster storage on the server side might also help a bit.

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Your situation is always difficult for any backup application. With a large number of small files the overhead of scanning every file, recording its details updating snapshots & catalogs etc, ends up taking longer than the actual data transfer, especially if the files are relatively static.

EG you spend hours scanning 2mill files to find the 200 that actually need backing up

The real work is done by the client, so anything to improve performance there may help. Memory, CPU etc.

Retrospect makes heavy use of the Windows Temp folder, it helps if this is on a separate drive from that being backed up (SSD would help here)


Same on your server try and separate WIndows System / Temp folders, Catalogs, and Backupsets onto separate disk drives as these are all used intensively during backups.


IF many of the files are static, try and move them into a separate folder, and back those up less frequently, reducing the number of files scanned daily. If the static files are also rarely if ever accessed, you might consider Retro's Archive feature to remove them altogether.

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