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How To Restore ALL files there have ever been including deleted files

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If a user has lost some files that were present at some point in the past but have now disappeared, how do I restore every file there has ever been including those that may have been deleted along the way?


As usual they are not sure when they were created, and they may have disappeared any time in the last 6 months.


Session restores only files backed up in  a session

Snapshot Restore only restores files as of the time of the snapshot (IE: Excluding any files deleted before that time)


Do I have to restore every snapshot for that client?

Try Finding them - See Snapshot Confusion 1 & 2


I have restored about 10 Snapshots for a particular client to a spare folder.


I eventually tripped over the Client Name Option in the More Choices Section of Find Files to restore.


So I built a Find where Client Name matches the two client names that have existed for a particular user.

It finds 4800 files.




I have already restored 14,000 plus files from individual snapshots for those same two clients.


So presumably searching by client does not search the entire backup set, so what does it search?

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Remember that each Snapshot is a "point in time". A file that was created once and never altered will "exist" in every snapshot from then on, but if you restore "every file" it will only be restored once in its original, never-changed form.


Restore 10 snapshots and you get 10 identical copies of the 1 file in the backup :-)


Your 4800:14,000 ratio isn't unreasonable, and it will depend on how often your clients create, edit and delete files.


But, IMO, your "Find" approach is the correct one, assuming that's "Restore" and then "Search for files in selected media sets" -- it's the one I always used in previous versions of Retrospect. Try it for a sub-folder that you know contains changing files and you should find that edited versions are restored with incrementing numbers in the filename.

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