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Hangups when client computer disconnects

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I have been having a lot of problems with the latest version of Retrospect ( hanging up when a user abruptly disconnects from the network. This problem does not stop Retrospect from running other backups on other backup sets. But it will block all future connections to that backup set. We have a lot of users that now use laptops, and they usually do not pay attention to if their machine is being backed up when closing the machine to go to a meeting.


About 3-4 times a week I will have this happen, and my only indication that something is wrong is by noticing that there seems to be no activity on a backup. If I try to stop the backup that execution will turn grey but it will never stop. I usually have to wait until all the other backups have stopped for a short time and then try to shutdown Retrospect. In each case the program will ask me if I really want to shut down and then if I want to stop all proactive backups. After responding to those requests the program simply hangs. I think it is waiting for the execution it thinks is running to stop. My only recourse at this point is to have Task Manager force-ably shutdown the Retrospect process. I usually have to repair the catalog file for the backup set that caused the problem when I restart.


Lately I have been noticing on weekends when I do some grooming that Retrospect will not allow access to multiple backup sets because it thinks they are open for some other operation, even though nothing is showing in the 'Executing' window. It would appear that the program did notice the computer went away, but still kept the connection to the backup set open. When this happens Retrospect will refuse to shutdown and I again have to resort to the Task Manager to clear up the problem.


I have no control over what users are doing with their laptops; so I need to have Retrospect be a little more forgiving when a machine disappears in the middle of a backup. It also needs an option to force-ably close processes it thinks are running when shutting down.

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The client disconnect problem has been a problem for me in version 7.6. It happened quite often. It has happened only once in version 9.5 since October last year, so version 9.5 is more "forgiving" than 7.6.


I have no idea what to do about it as a user.

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We have this issue as well. No closure when client is removed from the network. 


An answer aside from killing the process and starting is needed. I wind up having to rebuild catalogs. 


Please let us know if there is an update....or if the issue is even being looked at...thanks!

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Sorry Lennart,

I had written a longer message but then when it failed to post I didn't go into the same detail.

I run it on the Windows server and set up a filter for port 497:


Options -> Advanced Filters -> "include:remote:tcp:497"


It then lists just the retrospect connections and when a machine has disappeared without disconnecting I highlight it and hit the X to disconnect it.

It doesn't happen often, but it saves me having to restart the machine without closing Retrospect nicely.

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