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Unable to restore SQL database

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Hi forum,


we try to restore a single SQL database (based on Microsoft SQL server 2008) but if we select a differential backup, Retrospect tells us that it isn't able to restore from that source, -> "select another source". If we select the latest full backup it works as expected. The checbox "Restore any needed intermediate Snapshots" is activated.


We discover a problem during the differential backup, Retrospect logs the error that only full backups of the master database is possible. We don't know if there is a connection?


Does anyone know what's going wrong?


Thx & Bye

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Servus Antti


The master db's recovery model is 'simple' and you can only do full backups.


does it mean, that I can't backup the SQL Server on the whole, if a differential backup from another database than the master db is needed? Otherwiese does it mean that I can only backup single databases if differential backups are needed? It seems that the differential backups from the other databases than the master db are broken also.


Thx & Bye Tom

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