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Difficulty restoring file from older snapshot when backed up with block-level backups

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Maybe the block-level backup is a red-herring. I'm guessing there.


I'm trying to restore a large (c. 1.5 GB) outlook.pst file from October 2014. So I found the backup set, browsed the available snapshots and chose the one I wanted, found the file, and set it to restore to a new location. In the file selection dialog, the datestamp was from 2nd February, and the file size is nearly the same as the current version of the file (several hundred of MB larger than it was in October 2014). I began the restore. When I opened it up in Outlook, sure enough, it was last night's copy.


I tried again, this time retrieving an additional snapshot from the backup set that was not shown by default. I had the same problem.


I did manage to retrieve the older copy in the end. I had to use the "Find Files" feature, and then uncheck all the copies except the one with the datestamp I wanted.


So it seems that I cannot restore older copies of this particular file, other than through the "Find Files" interface. I've never had problems with earlier versions of Retrospect (with outlook.pst files from a few months back). I'm guessing the block backups are an issue here, because it's one of the features that's recently changed, and the file is large enough for block-increments to be used for backing it up.

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When I posted this back in February, nobody so much as commented.


It's the kind of bug that might even tempt me to upgrade from 9.5.x to 10.x, but only if I knew for certain it had been fixed.



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