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Don Lee

Script with no source or destination won't die!

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I had a couple of old scripts where the source and destinations had been deleted. I tried to copy and modify one of them, to add source and destination to use it. What I saw was really odd. The number of available backups for restore ops should be large (50+?). I saw 7. I looked at other restore scripts, and they all seemed to show just the same 7 restore options. (2 screenshots attached)


I then tried to delete the script. The "really delete" dialog came up, but the script would not go away. I tried several times.


I restarted the console, and the backups reappeared, and the scripts could be deleted.


Bug. Not sure if I could reproduce it.




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Thanks for the writeup and screenshots. That is very odd behavior. We'll look into how the console could get into that type of state.

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To complete the picture on the console and engine: The console machine is a Macbook Pro with 8 GB memory running 10.8.5.

The machine with the engine is running on a Mac Mini with 16 GB of memory and Mac OS X 10.8.5 as well. Both console and engine are version 11.5.3 - latest released as of today.

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