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Rip out backups of a source to create space in a media set

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I wonder if I can ask for some guidance on how to consolidate my backups to release more space. Something like grooming, but not quite. As I understand it grooming removes according to a file's age. I would like to rip out backups of a particular source to create space in a (disk) media set in Retrospect 10 (Mac). Is there a way to do this?


Also, if by doing this I free up very large amounts of space, I hope it is possible to consolidate the retrospect files onto a smaller number of disk volumes (members) to free up these disks for other uses.


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About grooming: It removes files according to the snapshot's age (not the file's age). So if a really old file is still on the client, it will NOT be groomed out.


Not sure how you would do it on the Mac version, but on Windows you would select that source's snapshot, one at a time, and click on "Forget". Then you would need to groom anyway, in order to actually free up some space. So you need to setup your grooming options correctly, so nothing more than what you selected will be groomed out.

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