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So, how do you restore a Win7 with 7.7?

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So here's my scenario.


1. Install Windows 7 (32-bit) onto computer (dell GX270).   Nothing else installed but retrospect client 7.7

2. Make brand new backup to new backup set using network client with Retrospect 7.7.620

3. Erase hard drive in GX270 (dban).   Keep same hard drive in computer. 

4. Boot from 7.7 Disaster Recovery CD.    Make partition for C and format the hard drive as NTFS.   "Restore as client"

5. Log DR client in on Retrospect 7.7.620.  Restore and Replace entire volume.    "Please reboot the system"

6. GX270: "BOOTMGR IS MISSING" every single time.  


For fun, try step 4 and don't make a partition that's the whole disk, just in case that "Retrospect has to remake the emergency partition" business is having trouble.   This is a 250 GB hard drive and the default win7 install so it's about 11GB taken up.   Same result, bootmgr is missing.  


So, how are you supposed to actually restore a Win7 desktop with 7.7?

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Option 1: Install Windows 7 using installation media, install Client the restore.
The problem lies with the hidden 'System Reserved' partition which contains the boot environment that the Windows 7 installer creates. The Retrospect 7.7 Disaster Recovery CD does not recreate it during the restore hence the need to install from installation media first.
Option 2: Install Windows 7 in such a way that Retrospect 7.7 Disaster Recovery CD can work with it. This means installing Windows 7 without the 'System Reserved' partition.


Have a look on the Windows 7 Forums at the "Windows 7: Install without 100MB partition new drive" thread for how to do this.

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