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What does the "Past Backups" actually show?

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I'm wondering what the "Past Backups" pane actually shows?

(Please see the attached Scrennshot for clarification)




Obviously there entries for all Sources that where visited by the last executed backup script, but anything older than that seems to be a matter of randomness:


Before yesterday (which is Oct, 22) the next entry in the list is Oct, 17th and from that day online particular source gets listed, further back then a single entry for Oct, 9th and few entries from Oct , 02nd … but all without any recognizable sceme.

What this panel definitely not does is listing all executions that happened in the past.

For me the panel seems pretty useless since becuas of being incomplete, it doesn't allow me to check whether a certain backup run did execute on a particular day. To check for that, I still have to browse the execution log, which is pretty cumbersome due to its sheer size ...


So could someone please enlighten me, what this panel is good for at all ?


Note: I'm not talking about "Activities -> Past" !


This is Retrospect Mac Version 11.5.1 (104)

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What are your groom settings for each media set?


This looks normal for me if you are using the default (or no) groom settings...

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Grroming is off since we are backing up to tape.


I don't doubt the display looks normal, my question rather is:

What are the rules that cause  Retrospect to display certain backups in the panel and omit most others.

But as long as I don't know these rules, I'm unable to interpret the displayed information.

E.g. one cannot use the panel for a quick check if a certain backup executed successfully or

not because most likely it isn't even displayed in the list.


Documentation doesn't quite help with this.

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So, if you haven't set any grooming settings, all you will see in Past Backups is the *last* backup of each volume/client you are backing up -- for each media set.


That's the default view of Past Backups and that's what your screen shot above is accurately displaying.



If you want to check to see if a backup activity executed successfully, you would check the "Activities" tab and the log for the activity.

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