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franklinho Server on MacOS 10.10 cant add client

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We are still in the process of certifying OS X Yosemite 10.10, but we haven't encountered an issue with adding clients on v11.5.1.104. If you see this again, could you take a screenshot of the console (Cmd-Shift-4-Space) and take a sample of the "Retrospect" process in Activity Monitor?

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it looks like that it always happen when the list of clients doensnt fit in the "add-screen".

Tried it at weekend when there´s just a bunch of servers online and everythings works fine.

But today i´ve got the same issue.




Problem found and fixed :)


When OS is configured to always show the scrollbars - Retrospect stucks.

Configured to just show when needet - everythings fine.


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