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Retrospect requires Administrator Privileges for Backup - I have A P but keep getting this error message.

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Second half of the message:

"If you continue without Administrator Privileges Retrospect cannot backup your data completely. Some features may fail."


I got Retrospect Express (v6.5.342) with 2 WD external drives.

I am the only user on this machine and I DO have Administrator Rights.


PC is Win7, SP1. Log errors coming up when I do run it are:

User SRM has restricted NTFS rights for ............. (Source drive).

User SRM has restricted rights for ..................... (Destination drive).



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The Express 6.5 software does not support Windows 7 or Windows 8 and is no longer supported by Retrospect Inc.  The software has been replaced by Retrospect 9 Desktop and a paid upgrade is available by contacting support for upgrade details.

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