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Upgrade from v.9 to v.11

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Hi, just a quick question about how painless of an upgrade process it is going from v.9 on OSX 10.7.5 to v.11 on latest version of Mavericks? We have to upgrade our server (Mac Mini) and guessing we should do this as well. v.9 is also PAINFULLY slow, hoping v.11 might actually fully launch in less than 5 min.


- All of our current backups are to external HDs, done under v.9. 


- Then we have a set of backups that were originally done in v.6 that we had to spend a LONG time rebuilding when we upgraded to v.9. But it seems like those are readable in case we need anything off them.


Just want to make sure we'll retain all of the backups and client setup that we've spent a long time doing.


- Will this be able to backup clients running anything from 10.6.8 - current??



- Any tips or things to watch out for?? 


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I too would like to know how painless the upgrade from v9 to v11.5 is going to be.


I too am running Mac OS X 10.7.5. I would be installing V11 Retrospect on top of V9, so I worry what happens if the install does not go well and I have no way to get to my backups.

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