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Excluding specific file and folder names not working

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When I backup our workstations, I have a list of file names and folder names that I want to be excluded.



"name of file or folder contains *.dat* , selecting all enclosed items" and with the options, "File", "Folder". name "does" "contain" and include enclosed folders (in the selecting option of the script). See my attachments for these items.


But it will backup a bunch of items ending in .dat or most of the other items I am trying to get it to exclude (because I don't need them and because it will give me a sharing violation error).


We cant afford to purchase the Open File Backup license, so I am trying to eliminate as many errors as I can.


Can anyone see what I am doing wrong with my approach?







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I believe it has to do with you using "and" instead of "or" thus making the selector to fail.

I think you are right. No file contains all those substrings at the same time.


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