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Don Lee

Error in the log - what does it mean?

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I recently have taken to running a "verify" on all my backup sets on a schedule, so I get some notification when the HW starts having trouble reading the media.


On the most recent rotation, I see this:


- 5/11/14 2:58:58 PM: Verifying v9_iCompute_last
!Generated MD5 digest for file "Quantum18G/Household/Parties/dot75party.sitx" does not match stored MD5 digest.
Remaining: 1 files, 0 B
Completed: 508006 files, 57.8 GB
Performance: 5,651.9 MB/minute
Duration: 00:11:05 (00:00:36 idle/loading/preparing)


What does it mean?


When I restore from this set, I see this:



+ Restore using aRestoreTest at 5/13/14 (Activity Thread 1)
To volume z-junk...
- 5/13/14 3:54:08 PM: Restoring from v9_iCompute_last, Snapshot Joy, 4/28/14 4:22:15 AM
!An error occurred during the verification step. The MD5 digest for the file "Quantum18G/Household/Parties/dot75party.sitx" did not match, error -1129 ( MD5 digest mismatch)
5/13/14 3:58:21 PM: 1 execution errors
Completed: 31118 files, 9.2 GB
Performance: 2,370.9 MB/minute
Duration: 00:04:13 (00:00:13 idle/loading/preparing)


There is a clearly an error of some type. I can't re-do the backup, since this was copied over from another set, and the original backup source has changed.


Is there a way to "fix" this?It looks like I have one file that somehow has a bad/missing checksum. Is this because the copy operation from the other backup set dropped a bit? Is it a Retro bug?


Inquiring minds want to know.

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Maybe Retrospect said: Ah... Stuffit! when trying to backup that file?


(Just kidding)


Seriously though, the catalog file somehow changed between the backup and the restore attempt?


Hope some others can come up with an explanation for you.

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