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Rebuilding a v6 catalog (from AIT-2 tapes in v8

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When trying to rebuild a v6 catalog in the v8 program, Retrospect v8 sees the AIT-2 tape drive but when I put in a tape, the Device window shows that the tape drive is still empty. Any ideas why this would be like this? On this one machine that I use for backups, I have connected at the same time an Exabyte Mammoth LT, a Sony AIT-2 drive and a HP LTO-5. Is that I have too many storage devices connected and I am only allowed to have one with the single license I have? OR is there some other reason why it wouldn't read a header from a v6 tape? I thought I read somewhere that v8 should be able to recatalog a v6 storage set. Maybe I'm wrong here. Any thoughts?



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