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Reports Watcher gone?

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I've just updated a Win8.2 to Win 8.5 and there no longer seems to be a Reports watcher? Has this been discontinued, and / or is there an alternative way to access a web report?

I checked on a V9 site and also no RW.

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Thanks Robin,

Got them now.

Just a point, the Watcher readme states that Reports watcher is fully documented in the User guide.

I could not find any reference to it in either the 8 or 9 guides.


It IS Documented in the 7.5 User Guide - here http://download.retrospect.com/docs/win/v7.5/Win_Retrospect_User_Guide-EN.pdf


I am familiar with Watcher from earlier versions so it is not a problem for me. but newer users might get confused.

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