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Windows 2012 and Retrospect Launcher compatability

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Are there any known compatability issues for Windows 2012 server?


Retrospect Launcher cannot start on schedule on my Windows 2012 server with Retrospect 8.5. When I open the program it launches the backup process in order to catch up with missed backup and runs. I can also manually initiate a backup, but when the program is closed it does not start on schedule. 


I went to windows services and changed launcher service to use an administrative account instead of local system one. That did not help. There are no errors in the logs.


Are there any known issues with Windows 2012 and Retrospect 8.5?

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I had actually tried everything described in that article prior to posting here, with the exception of the very last note they had for Windows 2012/8:


<<<UAC is no longer disabled when setting it to Never Notify in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, you have to disable it within the Local Security Policy within the OS to get Retrospect to auto launch when running as a specified user.>>>



I did not realize that in Windows 2012 UAC is not disabled when set to Never Notify. Disabling from Local Security Policies helped. It is now working on schedule.

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