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Totally lost trying to re-design scripts for new tape bu unit

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We replaced our server and I had to purchase a newer version of retrospect and set it up on the new server (and we used 4 tapes for 2 backup scripts).


We still want to run the same backup routing (monday backup set A - workstations, and tuesday backups set A SQL backup). I worked with support to get a script written to do what we used with the multi loader. I have watched all the videos, and read and re-read all of his emails and notes trying to get the same backup script running.( I tried to copy over the backup scripts to the new server and that did not work, so I tried to rewrite the scripts).


But after 3 weeks off attempts to set this up on the new server, I am ready to toss this all into the trash and manually copy the files over (jk, of course).


Here is the previous conversation setting up the backup routine on the old server after out tape drive died. http://retrospect.force.com/CaseUpdate?case.id=500U00000078W9M


What I understand from the conversation, we should be doing the following:


week 1 recycle tape (set A)

week 2 recycle tape (set B )

week 3 normal backup tape (set A)

week 4 normal backup tape (set B )


But what I keep getting is both backups for the week each want to use 1-backup set A and the next week 1-backup set B (instead of !-backup set A for the workstations on Monday, and 2-backup set A for the SQL on Tuesday.


I looked at all the snapshots, tutorials, emails, support notes, and I cant get it to want to use 2-X for the second backup that week.


I attached my current script snapshots.


I apprecaite any and all help.









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