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Retrospect 8.5 for SBS 2011 Takes ALL Available RAM

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One of our clients has a Windows SBS 2011 server with Retrospect 8.5.

The client has contacted us several times stating that they cannot remotely access their network through RWW (Remote Web Workplace.)

Microsoft documentation shows that if the server is low on available RAM, it will shut down RWW services.

The affected server has 32GB of RAM. When the client has called with the RWW access problem, we found that Retrospect was consuming over 18GB of RAM. At times, Retrospect appears to grab every bit of available RAM and not release it even though there is no active job running. Shutting down the Retrospect application resolves the problem; however, we are looking for a better long-term solution to this issue.

*Retrospect has never been able to run "unattended" on the SBS 2011 server (it doesn't start up to process the backup jobs,) so we have been leaving the retrospect application open in an active session.

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unfortunately another problem which is simply ingored by the support / company.... I just wait for "upgrade to the latest version".....

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