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Empty "Restore From" List, but Catalogs exist (Urgent help needed!)

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Long story short: My primary hard drive failed.


The good news: I have it backed up using Retrospect.


The bad news: I can't seem to get it restored.


As part of my backup routine, I have my primary drive cloned to a second drive. The goal is to make it easy to do a restore in exactly this time of eventuality. That cloning includes copying up the catalogs to the backup drive.


This means that I am now running from that backup, and trying to restore my primary drive. However, even though the catalogs are on the current startup drive in the right location, Retrospect 10.5 (current version) is displaying a blank list in the "Restore From" page. Plus the "More Backups…" button is disabled.


How do I get Retrospect to use the available catalogs?


ETA: I'm running Mac OS 10.6.8.

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I (finally) managed to figure it out. There's nothing like hunting and hunting and hunting for an answer, failing to find it, then finding it just after asking for help.


Even though the catalogs are in the correct place, Retrospect needs to be pointed to them. This is done by going to "Media Sets", selecting the backup set to be restored, and clicking the "Locate" button. Retrospect will display a selection window where the catalog file needs to be selected.


The answer was in the knowledgebase here: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/moving-retrospect-from-one-macintosh-backup-computer-to-another-macintosh-backup-computer

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