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Disaster Recovery disk creation - WAIK for 2003 ?

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Hello! I'm trying to build my disaster recovery DVD per the instructions in the manual. During the Emergency Recovery Disk creation, you can click a link in the wizard to download the Windows Automated Installation Kit. That link takes you to a download for WAIK for Windows 7. My server is Windows 2003. Does this matter? Will the disk created still work?

thanks! - eric


from the manua (pg 372)l:

Before you create an ISO image, make sure you have the following items:

▪ The Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) installed on the

computer where you will be running the Disaster Recovery wizard. Retrospect will

give you the option to download the Windows AIK during the process.

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>Does this matter?


No it doesn't matter. It will still work. The recovery image does use WAIK for Windows 7 and that allows you to restore all versions of Windows, including 2003.  To create the recovery image, you must use the version recommended in the disaster recovery wizard. 

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