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Don Lee

Client upgrade re-enables instant-scan.

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Retro 10.5 engine, Retro 10.2 -> 10.5 client


I run my clients with instant scan turned off. The reasons are not so important.


I just upgraded one of the clients from 10.2 to 10.5, and found that the instant scan was re-enabled.


For those out there with multiple clients, expecting an upgrade not to mess with the settings, this would be annoying. I don't think a client upgrade should mess with settings that the admin explicitly applied. (almost never...)

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Agreed, iCompute. I've noticed this as well. The saving grace for me is that instant Scan is disabled in the Retrospect Engine System Preference. In the Retrospect environments I manage, Instant Scan appears to remain set to Disabled in the Engine after incremental updates. Still the client update should honor existing settings.

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