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Retrospect 10 Log Files, where are they?

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Where are the Retrospect 10 for Mac log files located? When a backup operation is completed or fails, which log files are updated? 


I want to write a shell script that will check the Retrospect log files on a specified bases, and send out an SMTP update on whether the log files have been modified or not. 

In theory, the shell script will check the files modification date/time. Based on the schedule of the backups, if the log files have not changed in the expected amount of time, the script will blast out an SMTP message to the admin to check the Retrospect backups. This shell script is a tool to try and figure out whether Retrospect is running normally or hung up.


Thanks for your time,




The log file seems to be located at:

/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/operations_log.utx

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