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Run in Terminal Services Session not working - would LOVE to figure this out

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I have Retrospect single server for Windows running in many of my client's offices (various v6s and 7s). I'd like to have Retrospect always run in the user "RBU" 's Terminal Services session. As such, the on-site users can RDC into the server as RBU for weekly disk changes, and I can remote in from off-site as RBU and check status. In the Retrospect preferences, I always check the box Preferences > Execution > Security > "Run Retrospect in the Terminal Services Session". I also check "Always run Retrospect as the specified user", and enter the username and password for user RBU.


Well, as I understand it, this NEVER WORKS. I always have to RDC into the server as RBU and launch Retrospect there manually to have it running in the RBU Terminal Services session. If I let Retrospect launch by itself for a scheduled event (such as after a scheduled reboot), it ALWAYS launches in the console session. Therefore, my clients open their RDC shortcut (launching a Terminal Services session), and there is NO RETROSPECT because it is running in console.


I found one forum post suggesting I have to edit the retrospect launcher service, and have it launch as the rbu user. I tried this, and it still does not work.


Can somebody please let me know what I'm doing wrong? I hope I'm just overlooking something. Getting this figured out would eliminate a lot of heartache.




- eric

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Yep that can be a bit tricky.


Referring to the documentation, ideally if you are going to run it in a TS Session you should INSTALL it in the TS Session.

Make sure the Preferences are set to ALWAYS leave Retro Running

Make sure that all users are made aware to NOT Logoff. Simply close the RDP session, leaving it running.


See the Chapter "Management" in the user guide and topic "Terminal Services and Remote Desktop"

There's some discussion here



I have an old tech brief on the subject which is similar to the manual content

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