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I'm using Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) on a Xserve, running OSX 10.7.5.


During some of my last backups (network storage, to another network storage) I get the following error code:


"FScSetWhichNodeInfo: USetWhichNodeInfo failed: -43"


Retrospect indicates that the backup was completed succesfully (with the green mark sign, and in the log), but this error code keeps appearing.

I have been checking the error code table on the support page, but can't find this one. Does anybody know what this error might mean?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I can only guess, but hopefully an educated one.


A "node" is a folder on a hard drive, part of the disk directory.

-43 is a Mac OS error meaning "File not found".


My (educated?) guess is that the source volume has a directory problem.


Repair your hard drive:



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