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Don Lee

"Past Backup" screen goes stale

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Retro 10.2.0 (201), engine on Mini Mac OS X 10.8.4.  Console 10.2.0 (201) on Mini mac os x 10.6.x


I just ran a "utility" backup script out of sequence on one of the volumes normally backed up as one of 4 volumes in a pro-active script, all to the same media set (disk)   It didn't take long.


I clicked in the console sidebar on "past backups" and at the top of the list were two backups from earlier in the day (about 4:20 PM).  The second one was the same volume that I just backed up.  The one that just finished was not there.


I went back to the activities screen, and the script was complete.


I went back to the Past Backups, and it had not appeared.


I clicked on the "previous" backup of the same volume, and Retro said it was "not available".

(I don't remember the wording of the dialog and didn't think to get a screenshot)


I clicked back and forth thinking this was a display issue for a while, and then quit and restarted the console.  When the console came back up, my "latest" backup was there in the list.



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