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Happy with 10.2.0 (201) upgrade

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Contrary to a couple of other folks experience, my upgrade to the latest version was completely painless and I'm happy to report that the console is much more responsive than 10.1.0 (221). I haven't been beachballed for more than a couple of seconds now, when before it might be minutes before the console was responsive and then only for a few seconds before it beachballed again. 


Thanks RS for improving the product. 


RS hardware: MacMini 10.6.8, disk backups

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I just followed the simplest of procedures. There was an OS update that hadn't been installed, so I ran that update at the same time. The one thing I have always done is to stop the RS engine prior to running the updater. Just ran it to get the console updated, and then when prompted, also updated the engine. Restarted the whole thing and happily went about as usual. 

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I upgraded last night from 9.0.2(107) to 10.2.0(201), although I had some trouble figuring out how to do it. I even read the User Guide, which left me scratching my head on step #2: Double-click Install Retrospect Engine -- an icon which was not provided in the installation package. The process is a little counter-intuitive, and the documentation could have been more explicit about the fact that you first upgrade the Administrative Console, either on the server or on your admin machine, and then point the new console at a running server and it will prompt you to upgrade. I felt a little dense when I finally figured it out after reading this forum post. Here is what I did:

  • Stop the running 9.0.2 Engine on the backup server.
  • Backed up (using tar) /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect and all my Catalogs and all the 9.0.2 software [just in case I had to back out the upgrade].
  • Downloaded Retrospect-1020201.dmg to the server (I have the Admin Console installed there pointed at localhost).
  • Double-clicked the .dmg file to mount the image. Dragged the Retrospect folder into Applications.
  • Double-clicked Retrospect.app to open the Administrative Console. Nothing interesting happens . . .
  • because I had stopped the Engine. Restarted the 9.0.2 Engine.
  • The 10.2.0 Admin Console then started up and gave me the message Please update Retrospect server '$servername'. Retrospect is available -- you have [Cancel] [update] ...
  • I clicked [update]. Now the Engine software gets updated, including the LaunchDaemon plists and the binaries in /Library/Application\ Support/Retrospect/*.bundle ...
  • I am prompted for a new license code for 10, which fortunately, I had already obtained.
  • The new Console now starts talking to my new Engine and all my stuff begins to appear.

So far everything is working well. Performance seems to be better than it was in 9.x, or at least the Console tells me what it is doing as it syncs with the Engine, so I don't stare at a blank Console for ten minutes wondering whether it's going to load or hang in SPODville. My Proactives are running. My nightly backups ran. Tags display is still broken.


I'm on an XServe running OS X Server 10.6.8.



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