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removing backup set members

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In looking at my backup sets, the members tab, the option to remove them is always grayed out. what am I missing? I simply want to remove some set members and replace them with one member. I assume I'd have to recycle after that. So can't I do this without having to redo the whole backup set? Version 6.5 multi-server. Thanks.  


--Randy Starkey

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Try to describe what you want to achieve (in general terms). What the final goal of the operation you intend to perform?


What kind of backup set do you have?

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You have "2 drives". OK, is that Magneto-optical drives or hard drives or what? Since they are listed as members, they are probably not tape drives or DVD drives.


Why is it a problem to have two members?


When you do a recycle, you will have a data loss. The question is: Do you want that?


I GUESS you are using hard drives. So I suggest you:

Buy a new hard drive. On Amazon, you can get a 3TB external drive for just over $100.

Create a new backup set with the new drive as a member.

"Transfer" the latest backup of each source to the new backup set.

Change your current scripts to use the new backup set instead of the old.

Archive the old drives off site.


Speaking of "off site". I suggest you get TWO new hard drives, and create TWO new backup sets. Always keep one drive off site. You exchange the drives once a week or once a month. Think fire, theft, flooding, thunderstorms etc etc.

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Right. I already have multiple backup sets and they are rotated offsite. My drives are hard disks in carriers. From what you are saying it appears I can't just easily remove a member, so I will simply delete the backup set and create a new one and do a fresh backup. I prefer one clean member per set. I don't need to transfer any source backups as I don't care about any older backups on this set. A recycle would be fine. But I think just creating a new set is easier. I'll delete the old set and make a new set by the same name. Will make sure the scripts pick that up. Thanks.

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I have this same issue. 


I have a Backup Set named INDYNAS10 and in this backup set are two members 1-INDYNAS10 on Backups and 2-INDYNAS10 on Backups (INDYNAS10 is a NAS device and these members are both using the same drive and folder structure except for the final folder name which matches the 1- and 2- member names)


It is my desire to remove the member 1-INDYNAS10 on Backups from the backup set and subsequently remove the folder on the NAS and free up the space.


Actually the folder 1-INDYNAS10 has already been removed but Retrospect does not recognize this fact and causes errors when processes run.


So, how can a Member of a backup set be removed?  Does a new backup set have to be created and all the scripts edited to point to this new backup set?





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