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Backing up OS X clients to Retrospect on a Windows server

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I am trialing Retrospect 8.1 Server on a Win 2012 Server.
I am trying to create selective backups of folders on a Mac client. Searches on the Retrospect site didn't provide any clues.
Under 'Selecting' I tired using the pre-identified Mac OS (HFS/HFS+) Special Folders 'Desktop Folder" and 'Documents". When the backup finished, it contained the logged-in users 'Documents' and 'Downloads'.
I then tried Including these folder names through the 'Universal' method selecting the Folder checkbox, entering the 'Desktop' and 'Documents', and I got pretty much all the folders in the user's directory.
Finally, I tried excluding folder 'Downloads', 'Music', 'Movies', and 'Pictures' checking the Folder option and selecting 'match' in the pattern. This did not work either.
How do I properly select a folder for inclusion or exclusion using Retrospect Server on Windows with a Mac OS X 10.8.3 or .4 client? 


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