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How do I retrieve files backed up on PC (now dead) to new PC?

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On a computer that has now died I used an older version (I think v6) of Retrospect to back up data files (not system files) to an external drive. The backup set files are all in rdb format and I also have the catalog file to go with them.


I may not be able to get the old PC working again as the motherboard has a fault, so I need to get important data files retrieved from Retrospect running on a 2nd PC. I installed Retrospect 8.1 Professional on trial, found the files I need to retrieve but cannot write them to the 2nd PC disk. Retrospect says it has successfully completed the retrieve and restore operations but no retrieved files have been written.


Is this a licensing issue e.g. related to the "restore to dissimilar hardware function" that is not in the trial version? The documentation says that is for restoring system files (OS and apps) to dissimilar hardware which is not what I am trying to do.  If I purchase v8.1 for the second PC I'm not confident I'll be able to retrieve the files. I'm completely stuck as I can't install the older Retrospect version I'm already licensed for because the install files and licence key are inside the data file backups (silly me!).


Can anyone advise on next steps please, there must be way of getting at my data from those rdb files?



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When you tried to do the restore did you use the Wizard mode or the Advanced mode?

If you click on 'Switch to Advanced Mode' on the initial Restore Wizard screen you are given more options on how files are restored. More details are in the Restore section of the Immediate Operations page of the Retrospect 8.1 for Windows User's Guide.

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