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RetroEngine CPU usage when idle

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I thought there was a discussion on CPU usage relating to RetroEngine but couldn't find it in the threads, so apologies in advance if this is a dupe topic (didn't the forums have a search feature at one time?).


Recently I upgraded from 10.0 to 10.1 and I am seeing the RetroEngine using CPU cycles constantly when "idle."  It typically fluctuates from 2-5% CPU and 20-22 threads constantly.  Occasionally, I see CPU usage jump way up to double digits.  This happens even when I have all activities paused (see attached screenshot) and whether the server console is running or not.  I have Instance Scan disabled and the RetroISA process is not running.


Does anyone have any insight into this and whether there is something I can do to lower it closer to 0% as it was before the upgrade?


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There have been a number of recent posts about RetroEngine's CPU usage when idle. It would be great if you could contact our support team about this issue. If you're comfortable with it, they can walk you through raising the logging on the engine, so that we can pinpoint why the process isn't idling lower in your environment.


For the forums search, we swapped out the original search feature for Google site search to ensure users found any documentation or Knowledge Base articles that answered their questions.

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