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Don Lee

Scripts confused, and crash of console - wrong media sets copied

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I did this: (Retro 10.1.221 console, 9.0.2 engine, remote over ssh tunnel - engine on Mac OS X 10.6.8)


I have several backup sets, say A, B, and C. I want to rotate them every 3 months.


I set up a script: copy A -> A_last. Recycle A_last, recycle A if success.

I set the script to run every 3 months.

I tell Retro to run the script immediately.


WHILE that script is running, I tell Retro to "duplicate" that script. Change the name, the media sets

(B->B_last, etc).


I note that this new one, that is scheduled to run July 1, is also waiting to execute.


I duplicate the B script for C -> C_last, etc. When I check the C script is ALSO waiting to execute.

(The engine is set to allow only one activity thread.)


At this point, the console crashes.


When the console comes back up, the C script is missing, and the A and B scripts have the wrong media sets in them. The "pending" executions of the A and B scrips are still "active". The A "copy" is still running.


I go to the "Activities" icon, and tell Retro to "remove" the "pending" (yellow triangle) executions, because I now don't know what they are going to do. (the media sets as I saw when I told them to run, or the media sets seen in the scripts after the crash?)


There is at least one bug in here, but given that this is a 10.1 console and a 9.0.2 engine, maybe there is abuse, too.

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