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Scheduled backups "Deferred"

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Hardware - Software versions:

Window 2003 server Standard Edition SP2

Retrospect Multi Server V. 7.6.123 driver update and hot fix v

Tandberg Data LTO-4

Adpatec Ultra320 SCSI card



We bought a new tape drive, to replace our defective Quantum loader we had. I kept getting either:


Bad Backup Set header found (0x79007300 at 75,823,078)





Trouble reading: "New Backups set 1" (657862), error -102 (trouble communicating)




Tandberg Data had me update the Adaptec driver, and disable the drivers on the tape drive.


I tried to do my first backup test after these changes (I first powered down the server and tape drive, then powered up the tape drive, then started the server).


I edited one of my scheduled backups and now it tells me under Scheduled Executions "Deferred".


Why is it Deferred and how do I get it to run as scheduled?


Also, I used to have 4 backup scripts that I ran weekly and had 2 sets of tapes that I "recycled" each week.


This larger tape drive allows me to use just 2 tapes now (that I want to recycle weekly like I did before).

New Backup Set 1 (I have 2 tapes labelled "New backup Set 1 A and New backup Set 1B)

New Backup Set 2 (I have 2 tapes labelled "New backup Set 2 A and New backup Set 2B)


So I can keep them sorted when I change them out.


I kept getting errors asking me to insert tape X when I came in the next morning. (which I know is a seperate issue from the above ones, but wanted to clarify that I am doing this correctly).

Do I need to add both the 1A and 1B tapes as a "member" to my backup sets (which I run as a scheduled backup)?


I am a little confused on this, and the "deferred" warning stops me from running the scripts to see if the driver updates fixed the communication problems.


I know this is a lot, but I am hoping the answers are fairly straight-forward.




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In the toolbar there is a button (with a red symbol) that is probably pressed. This prohibits scheduled tasks to run. You chould click this button again to allow scheduled tasks to run.

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